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The topos follow a fairly common format for heavily featured climbing walls. Holds are numbered and sequences are listed for the way in which the holds should be used. Only hand holds are listed since where one places their feet will depend on their stature, experience and ability. Holds for topping out are not listed, use whatever you want to get yourself onto the top without falling (most problems top out, dropping off is for indoors only).


The topo for the Heeley South Wall is shown below and one of the problems is listed.


Problem Sequence FA
Problem 2 L + R 13, L32, R33/34, L58, R61, Top Out NS

The sequence means that you start with your Left and Right hand on hold 13, move your Left hand to hold 32 then the Right to either 33 or 34, Left hand up to 58 and then the Right hand to 61 before then topping out using whatever holds on the lip/top you want.

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