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This site is hosted on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that I rent out of my own pocket from OVH. In order to keep bandwidth usage low on this server the pictures and topos on this site are not hosted on the site itself. Instead they are hosted on Imgur and embedded here without caching (which would also increase the server bandwidth usage).

Hosting Images

If you wish to add new photos/topos then you must host your images elsewhere. Imgur is recommended since it is free and unlimited, but other options exist such as Flickr.

Once you have uploaded your pictures to Imgur or another site you are ready to embed them in this Wiki. Navigate to the page you wish to embed the picture at and start editing it.

Obtaining the URL

You need the URL of the picture you wish to host. How you get this will depend to some extent on where you have chosen to host your image.

  • Imgur lists the URL under “Direct Link” when you click on a picture to view it.
  • Usually you can right-click on an image and select something like “Copy Image URL” or “Copy Image Link” to obtain the URL and then paste it (Ctrl-v) into the page you are editing.

Embedding your Image

Got to the page you want to insert the image to and start editing it. If the URL for your image is then you should place it within double curly braces and append ?nocache to the end of the URL as shown below.


Resizing your Image

You may find that your newly embedded image does not fit nicely on the page so please resize it by scaling it. This is done by including ?scale=####&nocache after the images URL where #### is a numeric value denoting the required scaling. You will have to play around with values of this to find something that works best since it is dependent on the size of the original image in the first place but 1000 is a good option.


The Result

The above code results in the following image being embedded by not hosted (or cached) on the servers that host this site.


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